Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

Adventure: Death House pt 3

Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

Low Noble Referendum and the Blood of the Vine

“My lord and master…"


“…the burgomeister’s son—the youngest—left the village of Barovia with two others. I can only presume, m’lord, that it has something to do with the nightly zombie raids on the burgomeister’s estate. Whatever the reason, the lad had pressing business in Vallaki. My associates assured me, however, that he returned alone…”

“…and word of young Sylas’ comings and goings continued to reach me over the course of the next three days. It seems he was a busy lad, spending many hours with the low nobles of Vallaki, most notably the Blinski, Martikov, Vallakovich, and Wachter families at their respective estates. Something is amiss, my lord, and I will learn of…”


“…young Sylas looked haggard as he stumbled into the Blood of the Vine tavern. My associate informed me that Ismark was drunk before he even arrived. It seems that the Dragov family is about to suffer a most grievous loss…”


The Family Affair and Ghoulish Intentions

“…the burgomeister is paralyzed with fear, as my lord intended, and the eldest son is drowning himself in drink. The middle son is near death and the youngest son is still an untested whelp. Very soon, my lord, you will have achieved your heart’s desire and the devotion of young Ireena Dragov. The Dragovs are a dying family, my lord, and their days are certainly numbered… The ghoul and his zombies visited them that very night…”


The Lord’s Chamberlain and a Death Cult A-shambles

“…the spirits of the Madrigore death cult forced a confrontation between the orphans and that horror of vegetation called Zorgoroth. The Madrigore child summoned allies from beyond the mists to aid them and even the burgomeister’s boy appeared to aid in their time of need. With their combined might, it seems they destroyed the foul thing and suspended the curse! I was suspicious, my lord, and spoke to the halfer in the hopes that I was right. And I was! She somehow drew my lord’s curse from the very foundations and into her person. I looked into her very eyes and recognized that terrible power…”



“…I remain, as ever, your humblest of servants,



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Adventure: Death House pt 3

Ok but how are we going to convince the wolves to not move in while we go get Silas’s sister? This is a problematic situation.

Adventure: Death House pt 3
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