Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

Adventure: Little Barov pt 1

Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

The Black Carriage and the Dark Lord’s Chamberlain

“My lord and master…"


“…recognition when the chamberlain arrived. The dusk elf cut a striking figure with his dashing coat and fey-borne musculature. I’m sure the Black Coach helped. Ahem. My lord knows how I feel about this particular person so I won’t trouble with more details of his behavior, but I beg, watch Rahadin closely and let the one thousand screaming souls about him give clearer warning than I seem to…”


Worried Trackers, Lost Children, and the Greenteeth Pastries

“…marauding beasts in the countryside and the villagers are growing ever more defeated in spirit. Their souls wither with each death and soon they will be ripe for the reaping. It was wise of my lord to focus upon the children, first…”

“…road east of the village, they happened across Genny Greenteeth. This chance meeting could prove troublesome. She has uncovered more than a few of our secrets and she hasn’t been shy about using them to her advantage these past years. I seek my lord’s permission to burn her disgusting hovel—and all the fey enchantments it contains—to the ground and drown her in the Ivlis…”



A Manor in Mourning, Street Flowers, and Rodrigo Acquires an Ally


“…arrived at the home of the burgomeister. The middle brother is near death though another night with his wounds should carry him the rest of the way. As predicted, the burgomeister’s heart has grown weak and his hair has is completely white. Soon, he too, will be dead and that leaves only Ismark and young Sylas to remove. Soon, my lord, the lovely Ireena Kolyana Dragov will have no choice but to graciously accept your hand…”



“…the Sithican bears watching. My lord will remember that I described him as having the practical nature of the Mordentish and the passion of the Invidian. His wretched race cannot be wholly defeated if one such as he remains defiant to my lord’s edicts. All know that my lord is the law and the land and yet that Rodrigo Franco-Foxgrove has the gall to conduct the Beasting ritual, and one of your wonderful creatures now does his bidding. A raven, skull-white and red of eye…”


“…presuming I have made my position regarding these matters of race rather plain, I will return my lord’s attention, again, to his wretched chamberlain. The Black Coach arrived the morning following the death of the middle brother. Rahadin offered flowers and condolences, both refused of course, and returned to the castle by way of Tser Falls. Now what business, I ask, could he have with the Vistani or their encampment? There is no love lost between Madame Eva and my lord despite the truce but I sense there is treachery afoot and the chamberlain has got his disgusting ear to it. I implore, again, allow me to rid the castle of his presence and perhaps find a suitable replacement from among the brotherhood…”

Abandoned Homes, Squatting Zombies, and the Ba’al Verzi Presence



“…they are up to something. There was purpose to the outing, and I noticed that they only paid attention to the abandoned buildings. My lord surely knows that zombies and the odd ghoul have taken to squatting in the village. Odd behavior, to be sure, but I know not what is to be made of it. The orphans found their way northside and came across one of my brothers during the course of a recruitment. They found his dagger lodged in the frame of the door and promptly left…”


“…Your humblest servant,



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