Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

Adventure: The Beast

Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

Vengeance Avowed and a Shortage of Goods

“My lord and master…"


“…three of them at present: Artemis, Dorovar, and Mosamar. The halfer is a simple waif of no account though a mite touched in the head. I believe Dorovar is—or was—a merchant seaman. That Mosamar fellow is hiding a deformity behind that mask of his but his movements are graceful and precise. It seems he is seeking out Carnivale after his bloody work in Orasnau is finished. The dancer summons arcane energies through a queer sort of choreography I’ve never before encountered. It was fascinating to watch. I believe he trained at Harmonic Hall south of here in the Kartakan wilds though I did not spy his silver pin…”

“…Orasnau, that speck of a mountain village on the southern slope of Mt. Ghakis near where the Howling Mother clan of werewolves have laired these past few winters…”

“…and if my lord recalls, Laszlo and Alina are the key trappers for the village. Missing for a week or more is the way I heard it. A Vistani caravan is scheduled to pass through with much needed food, grains, and raw ore for trade. If the villagers don’t have the furs to give them it’s going to be a brutal winter for Orasnau…”


A Blighted Vine and Bloodied Silver

“…and I admit that I may have been hasty in my previously assessment of the girl halfer. I watched her slip through the dangerously dense thicket, summon near to a dozen arcane bolts against the aggressive vine blight, and cause the ensnaring vegetation—and thicket entire!—to wither and rot from her simple touch. Truth be told, my lord, I was a mite frightened she would turn her necrotic touch on me if she were to have spotted my hidden position…”


“…arrived at the basecamp where there were signs of immense struggle; blood was everywhere and a silver dagger lay in the cold ashes of the fire pit. Dusk elves emerged from the tree line begging for aid and claiming to have witnessed the spousal squabble. It seems Alina decided—at eight months with child—to tell her husband about her lycanthropy. Needless to say, he didn’t take it well and they fought like holy hell had broken loose and he actually tried to carve the child from her belly! She changed and destroyed him at that point. The child came soon after and she left the whelp tied up in the village before sneaking off to a cave further up the slope of the mountain…”

Wolf Butchery and a Home for the Dusk Elven

“…then, faced with the threat of the looming blizzard, they decided to return to Orasnou with the small group of dusk elves. Does my lord’s order regarding these pathetic creatures still stand? The burgomeisters are continuing to prevent the resettling of dusk elves in these lands but there is potential use for the long lived acquisition of knowledge and arcana of these broken people—especially with Aya numbering among them. Her knowledge of curses exceeds even my own…”


“…I listened from the cave entrance as Alina, her whelp, and a singularly large wolf were brutally put down. I must admit, my lord, I envisioned that encounter going another way entirely. These are no longer orphan children to be whipped and sent to the cellar without their suppers. The masked dancer was ferocious with every wet thrust of his silvered dagger—he refused to die even when large portions of his chest were caught in the beast’s jaws…”

“…I remain, as ever, your humblest of servants,



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Adventure: The Beast

If she left the whelp tied up in the village, how was it present in the cave to be put down with everything else there?

Adventure: The Beast

Gregori Wurlbach, a fat balding middle-aged shop owner, untethered the wolf pup and took it in. Wolf pups are a status symbol among Barovians who believe that, if captured young enough, wolf pups can be trained to be loyal and steadfast guardians. The wolf pup escaped one day and ran to the cave where it was found and put down along with its mother.

Adventure: The Beast
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