Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

Adventure: The Old Bonegrinder

A field agent reports what he has learned back to his dread king.

A Game of You

“…Who are you? Have you nothing to call your own that wasn’t gifted, granted, foisted, or forced upon you? Clear your mind, little one. No? Then let there be pain…”


“My king…”

A Hellish Kitchen, a Shrewed Haggle, and the Black Duke.

“…and there I was, trussed up like you would a boar to bleed out into a bowl. I watched the hags drag screaming children from their cages in the room above to the oven on the base floor. The smell was terrible…”


“…as ordered, my king, but there were two hags and the third, Genny Greenteeth, was not to be seen. At one point I heard the tall one screaming that they’d been betrayed by Greenteeth and that the nighthag had found some way to curry favor with either you or the Jackal. They seemed startled when the Orphans arrived. As though they were expecting SOMEone…just not THEM…”


“…then the Orphans turned upon one another even as the Black Duke and his abyssal kin prepared their assault. It’s my thought that the hags sought to hand me over to Strahd Von Zarovich but the Black Duke intervened…”

“…Ever loyal, ever yours to command, ever the Ebon Fold,



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