Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

Adventure: The Road to Vallaki pt 1

Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

A Dynasty in Retreat

“My lord and master…”


Circling the Wagon, a Crow Cage Rattler, and the Dark Deeds of Druids

“…the old fool believed the lot of them caught while the others simply waited for the sounds of combat to cease, one way or the other…”


“…corrupting magicks filled the air in the form of lashing vines, skittering blights, and the all-concealing fog. The elf and the lunatic chased after as the druid slipped into his foul bolt hole to escape…”



“…was surprised to find the Martikov boy so far from home and even more so to discover him in the company of my lord’s own enemies. I believe Urwin had twin boys though I only noted the one here. It seems the other is missing. Perhaps my lord’s werewolf companions could use a bit of exercise in the high passes above the Falls? The lost raven would prove valuable leverage should he be found…”

Breaking the Dawn

“…I’ve never before witnessed such a beautiful display of controlled rage and calculated fury—excepting your own, my lord! That most excellent – and deadly! – young merchant ranger maintained his perfect distance while arrow after arrow found its mark. I recognized the revenant as one from the silvered serpent brotherhood. It is my understanding that my lord has been seeking this band of undead fools for many years, no? Together, these two battled their way up the incline to the bridge above Tser Falls where his most excellent bras d’argent emptied his quarrel to the last, finally dropping his twice-dead foe to the ground as the day broke over the valley! It was quite spectacular…”


“…Your most loyal and humble of servants,



If that first picture is the Blood of the Vine, I could have found a way in!

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