Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

Adventure: Death House pt 2

Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

Devilish Tomes and a Damning Letter

“My lord and master…"


“…although it is proving difficult to observe them since they are all scattered about the main house. I did, however, manage to listen as the boy-merchant and priest discovered E. Madrigore’s private library and collection of banned tomes. My lord would be wise to allow me to burn these before his unholy enemy discovers their continued existence. One of them could very well be his Book of Keeping…”

“…the very letter I delivered from my lord to E. Madrigore those many years ago. It seems a burglar bungled his burgling and died clutching the thing…”

Vengeful Nursemaid and a Sibling Rivalry


“…and I watched the entire occurrence from my position at the window. The nursemaid—now a hateful and wretched little dead thing—forced herself onto the Halfling girl driving black thumbs into her sockets. I’m fairly certain the creature intended to drive the poor girls brains into a swirl but the strangest thing happened at this point: the very color drained from the specter beginning at the feet and disappearing out from the fingertips. It was as though through some act of purgative necromancy, the nursemaid rid herself of the Madrigore curse for it was white and motionless after…”

“…apparently V. has convinced them that T. had her tongue removed for some past transgression. And yet, T. has informed them that V. is disturbed enough to have ripped out her own tongue before having locked him in the attic to starve to death…”

Wolves in the Yard, Bones in the Attic

“…are these wolves neccesary, my lord? They unnerve me. There is a quiet hunger in their eyes as they watch me go about in your service. There I clung to the house siding, peering through broken windows, picking through pieces of conversation, and these creatures simply watched from the treeline as though waiting for me to slip so they may begin to feast…”

“…they discovered the skeletal remains of T. and the Halfling nursemaid. It is my thought that the ghost child has finally summoned the courage to confront the terror in the tunnels below. If the ghost child succeeds, my lord, shall I remain for the inevitable aftermath? Or shall I return to the Blood o’ the Vine or attend to the Martikov matter in Vallaki? And there is still the small matter of that awful woman and her creeping hut…”


“…I remain, as ever, your humblest of servants,



I really want to see whats in the basement, but first We need to deal with these wolves. I have the feeling that they don’t break the treeline unless provoked. There more like guards in my eyes.

what do yall think?

Adventure: Death House pt 2

I think we may not be able to engage the wolves on our terms. They are fast, and can just withdraw if we go out. We could barricade the door securely and try to go downstairs. I should note that I saw a brutish female form out there as well. Something sentient. We’ll need to be careful. Perhaps we could put up a fake sentry a la an ancient story I heard called “Home Alone” near one of the windows, block off the door then go take care of the horror in the basement with these other guys none the wiser.

Adventure: Death House pt 2

I strongly doubt that these wolves will attack us. I also don’t think it is wise to barricade our only exits from the house just before entering the basement. What if we need to escape the house ourselves? There are many ways to die, but I’d prefer to avoid the more ironic fatal outcomes.

Based on Thornbolt’s stories, Pa Madrigore was able to enter the basement without fear. I suggest we do one more sweep of the house, looking for any items that might provide some answers as to how he did it.

Adventure: Death House pt 2

As of yet, I believe the first floor has not been thoroughly searched. I’m thinking we should clear the house and set sentries and take a long rest. Barricade/shut/lock exterior doors as that will decrease the odds of outside interference. If it comes to running from something, running outside in the dark is a BAD idea.

Adventure: Death House pt 2
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