Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

Adventure: Little Barov pt 2

Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

“My lord and master…"

A Crushing Swarm, Reconnaissance in Retreat, and an Infestation of the Restless Dead


“…no small amusement as I witnessed the white raven—my lord, you say they call it Lucifer? My intelligence does not include this. Hmmm. Perhaps my lord has more than one among the brotherhood watching the orphans? Are they so important? No, my lord, jealousy is a petty emotion and only weakens the cause. As I was saying, the bird ceased its circling the moment the swarm erupted from the Dying Tower and filled the sky over the village.…”


“…from my position I witnessed the recruit approach Dorovar from behind and wet his blade for the first time. It was a clean, singular thrust and worthy of our order. I am certain the young man bled out in seconds. The Ba’al Verzi will be feared and the king will be found…”


“…it was a solid raid and a good test of their capabilities. I am learning much of their strengths and limitations, their habits and proclivities, their flaws. I have learned, for instance, that the orphans have a tendency to spread themselves thin when confronted, the Invidian craves sweet-meats, and the man from Claveria is likely homicidal. These things and more will work to our advantage as the brotherhood aids my lord in the next steps of his plan …”

Training Day and a Father’s Plea


“…as previously reported. The recruit requires awareness training so perhaps I may be so bold as to suggest that my lord assign him to Olaf? It seems the masked dancer followed him, unseen, to your position at the rear of the manor house. Oh, you were aware of this? Of course you were, my lord. Alas, the recruit is being flogged for his error, regardless…”


“…punished for the nasty things he said to my lord? The Burgomeister must be made an example of! Yes? No. No. Yes. No. I see. Well, if my lord requires this of me then of course I will obey. Does my lord still desire the elimination of Ismark and Sylas Dragov? The elder will be a simple task, drunkard that he is, but the younger man has grown ever more cautious and is proving difficult for my associates to…”

“…Your most loyal and humble of servants,



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