Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

Adventure: Death House pt 1

Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

Headless Sentinels and the Bloodless Watch

“My lord and master…"

“…and my suspicions have been confirmed: the foreigners, now six in number, appear to have been waiting for one another to arrive before they set out from the Blood of the Vine tavern and so I followed them…”


…"travelled eastbound as one along the Old Svalich road deciding to rest for the night beneath the headless statues at Eastgate. As sleep overcame them, a spirit rider atop a skeletal horse rode through the encampment bearing the colors of my lord’s vanquished enemies—the Gundarakites! A curious moment then occurred when the young warpriest mounted the creature and staged a queer bit of mummery…"


Wolfsign and a House for the Dying

“…discovering more of those wolf traps laying about. If my lord but grants me permission, I promise to hunt these Vallakian trackers down and force their heads into their very own traps!…”

“…upon the Madrigore common buildings to find that wolves and other creatures of the Svalich woods had taken up residence here at some point before moving on…”


“…they discovered the spirit of young Madrigore in the main house and must have caught him on a good day, m’lord, because he seemed to be having a bit of fun and banter at their expense. I must admit that I was concerned when the boy activated his protective suit of armor, but that too seemed to have been a small measure of jest because he deactivated it nearly immediately after it felled one of their members with a single blow! Surely, my lord has nothing to fear from such as this! If I may be so bold as to say…”

“…The young woman remains in the main house and I cannot see how she has managed to survive for all of these years, tongue or no…”

“…the Halfling girl with the troubled mind claims to be a Madrigore. I have seen no evidence but I overheard that she holds papers proclaiming herself as such…”


“…I remain, as ever, your humblest of servants,



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