Sylus Dragov

A ranger on the hunt for a fiend...


I was young, idealistic, and near the end of my apprenticeship with Dmitry. I was pledged to wed Hanna, the daughter of a wealthy merchant whose family often purchased my handiwork. It seemed that my fortunes had finally turned. Unfortunately, the father of the bride changed his mind at the last moment and cancelled the wedding, claiming that a servant of the lawgiver himself had requested his daughter’s hand in marriage. I spoke out against his decision, begging him not to deny us a future together. When begging failed, I questioned his sanity, but I looked like a fool when an angel descended and carried Hanna away. The church turned on me, and when I would not recount my protests, even Dmitry and the woodsmen turned their backs on me. Blasphemer, I was called. How dare I so publicly stand against the will of the lawgiver? They did not see the angel’s face as it smiled at me before it flew off. There was more to that look than anyone else noticed, something threatening in that glance, something sinister in that grin. Whatever took her was far from holy. I am sure of it. But my warnings fell on deaf ears. Now I have been branded a heretic, and I am unwelcome wherever my story is known. Now I keep my head down and try to go unnoticed as I search for some clue as to what that creature really was. Someday I hope to track it down and rescue my love… or at least find some peace in vengeance.

I spent the better part of a year looking for my Hanna, trying to track down that “angel” using all the skills I had learned in my brief time with the woodsmen. I consulted sages, but found nothing. I consulted the Vistani, but those I spoke to claimed they could not help, and they denied me an audience with their Raunie. I was lost. I drank myself to sleep at night, cursed the fiend and the Lawgiver as I retched at dawn… but I kept searching in the day with renewed stubbornness.

Then, in a dream born of my drunken stupor, she came to me. I thought it was Hanna herself at first, but that was not to be. She offered me the power to find my answers if only I would do her a favor. That was how it began. She doesn’t give me the answers, but because of her, I am so much closer to finding them. She empowered me… showed me a different way of seeing the world… elevated me to a more level playing field with the fiend I am still tracking. I know now that when I find it, I will have my revenge, and perhaps even rescue my love. All she asks in return are a few favors along the way. It is a small price to pay.

Sylus Dragov

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