Zashier Irerten

A skulking man, an efficient fighter, to be precise, a killer


A small, taut man, whose every movement speaks of intent and self-control. He says little and stays to the shadows. To those paying attention and unaccustomed to violence, he raises the hairs on the back of the neck. Typically, he is seen wearing studded leather armor, painted black and fitted with many custom sheathes for the many knives strapped to him. Above this, he wears a stylized skull that serves to both hide his face and terrify.


Raised on the Isle of Liffe, Zashier started out living in a church, which he avoided as much as possible, before catching the notice of the local lord and beginning to perform actions of what some call ‘unsavory business’. This business had him travel extensively and learn and fight. He excelled at fighting and began to become proud of his abilities. Not so much to brag, but to ensure that those around him would take notice and show proper intimidation.

During one of his trips, the ship was waylaid by pirates who press-ganged him into service on their ship. For a several years, he sailed the seas around Liffe and along the coast serving as a fighting man under the Cap’n.

How Zashier came to be free from the Cap’n and his men before finding his way join other former children from L-House, he has not yet shared.

Zashier Irerten

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