Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

Adventure: Death House pt 1
Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

Headless Sentinels and the Bloodless Watch

“My lord and master…"

“…and my suspicions have been confirmed: the foreigners, now six in number, appear to have been waiting for one another to arrive before they set out from the Blood of the Vine tavern and so I followed them…”


…"travelled eastbound as one along the Old Svalich road deciding to rest for the night beneath the headless statues at Eastgate. As sleep overcame them, a spirit rider atop a skeletal horse rode through the encampment bearing the colors of my lord’s vanquished enemies—the Gundarakites! A curious moment then occurred when the young warpriest mounted the creature and staged a queer bit of mummery…"


Wolfsign and a House for the Dying

“…discovering more of those wolf traps laying about. If my lord but grants me permission, I promise to hunt these Vallakian trackers down and force their heads into their very own traps!…”

“…upon the Madrigore common buildings to find that wolves and other creatures of the Svalich woods had taken up residence here at some point before moving on…”


“…they discovered the spirit of young Madrigore in the main house and must have caught him on a good day, m’lord, because he seemed to be having a bit of fun and banter at their expense. I must admit that I was concerned when the boy activated his protective suit of armor, but that too seemed to have been a small measure of jest because he deactivated it nearly immediately after it felled one of their members with a single blow! Surely, my lord has nothing to fear from such as this! If I may be so bold as to say…”

“…The young woman remains in the main house and I cannot see how she has managed to survive for all of these years, tongue or no…”

“…the Halfling girl with the troubled mind claims to be a Madrigore. I have seen no evidence but I overheard that she holds papers proclaiming herself as such…”


“…I remain, as ever, your humblest of servants,


Adventure: Death House pt 2
Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

Devilish Tomes and a Damning Letter

“My lord and master…"


“…although it is proving difficult to observe them since they are all scattered about the main house. I did, however, manage to listen as the boy-merchant and priest discovered E. Madrigore’s private library and collection of banned tomes. My lord would be wise to allow me to burn these before his unholy enemy discovers their continued existence. One of them could very well be his Book of Keeping…”

“…the very letter I delivered from my lord to E. Madrigore those many years ago. It seems a burglar bungled his burgling and died clutching the thing…”

Vengeful Nursemaid and a Sibling Rivalry


“…and I watched the entire occurrence from my position at the window. The nursemaid—now a hateful and wretched little dead thing—forced herself onto the Halfling girl driving black thumbs into her sockets. I’m fairly certain the creature intended to drive the poor girls brains into a swirl but the strangest thing happened at this point: the very color drained from the specter beginning at the feet and disappearing out from the fingertips. It was as though through some act of purgative necromancy, the nursemaid rid herself of the Madrigore curse for it was white and motionless after…”

“…apparently V. has convinced them that T. had her tongue removed for some past transgression. And yet, T. has informed them that V. is disturbed enough to have ripped out her own tongue before having locked him in the attic to starve to death…”

Wolves in the Yard, Bones in the Attic

“…are these wolves neccesary, my lord? They unnerve me. There is a quiet hunger in their eyes as they watch me go about in your service. There I clung to the house siding, peering through broken windows, picking through pieces of conversation, and these creatures simply watched from the treeline as though waiting for me to slip so they may begin to feast…”

“…they discovered the skeletal remains of T. and the Halfling nursemaid. It is my thought that the ghost child has finally summoned the courage to confront the terror in the tunnels below. If the ghost child succeeds, my lord, shall I remain for the inevitable aftermath? Or shall I return to the Blood o’ the Vine or attend to the Martikov matter in Vallaki? And there is still the small matter of that awful woman and her creeping hut…”


“…I remain, as ever, your humblest of servants,


Adventure: The Beast
Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

Vengeance Avowed and a Shortage of Goods

“My lord and master…"


“…three of them at present: Artemis, Dorovar, and Mosamar. The halfer is a simple waif of no account though a mite touched in the head. I believe Dorovar is—or was—a merchant seaman. That Mosamar fellow is hiding a deformity behind that mask of his but his movements are graceful and precise. It seems he is seeking out Carnivale after his bloody work in Orasnau is finished. The dancer summons arcane energies through a queer sort of choreography I’ve never before encountered. It was fascinating to watch. I believe he trained at Harmonic Hall south of here in the Kartakan wilds though I did not spy his silver pin…”

“…Orasnau, that speck of a mountain village on the southern slope of Mt. Ghakis near where the Howling Mother clan of werewolves have laired these past few winters…”

“…and if my lord recalls, Laszlo and Alina are the key trappers for the village. Missing for a week or more is the way I heard it. A Vistani caravan is scheduled to pass through with much needed food, grains, and raw ore for trade. If the villagers don’t have the furs to give them it’s going to be a brutal winter for Orasnau…”


A Blighted Vine and Bloodied Silver

“…and I admit that I may have been hasty in my previously assessment of the girl halfer. I watched her slip through the dangerously dense thicket, summon near to a dozen arcane bolts against the aggressive vine blight, and cause the ensnaring vegetation—and thicket entire!—to wither and rot from her simple touch. Truth be told, my lord, I was a mite frightened she would turn her necrotic touch on me if she were to have spotted my hidden position…”


“…arrived at the basecamp where there were signs of immense struggle; blood was everywhere and a silver dagger lay in the cold ashes of the fire pit. Dusk elves emerged from the tree line begging for aid and claiming to have witnessed the spousal squabble. It seems Alina decided—at eight months with child—to tell her husband about her lycanthropy. Needless to say, he didn’t take it well and they fought like holy hell had broken loose and he actually tried to carve the child from her belly! She changed and destroyed him at that point. The child came soon after and she left the whelp tied up in the village before sneaking off to a cave further up the slope of the mountain…”

Wolf Butchery and a Home for the Dusk Elven

“…then, faced with the threat of the looming blizzard, they decided to return to Orasnou with the small group of dusk elves. Does my lord’s order regarding these pathetic creatures still stand? The burgomeisters are continuing to prevent the resettling of dusk elves in these lands but there is potential use for the long lived acquisition of knowledge and arcana of these broken people—especially with Aya numbering among them. Her knowledge of curses exceeds even my own…”


“…I listened from the cave entrance as Alina, her whelp, and a singularly large wolf were brutally put down. I must admit, my lord, I envisioned that encounter going another way entirely. These are no longer orphan children to be whipped and sent to the cellar without their suppers. The masked dancer was ferocious with every wet thrust of his silvered dagger—he refused to die even when large portions of his chest were caught in the beast’s jaws…”

“…I remain, as ever, your humblest of servants,


Adventure: Death House pt 3
Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

Low Noble Referendum and the Blood of the Vine

“My lord and master…"


“…the burgomeister’s son—the youngest—left the village of Barovia with two others. I can only presume, m’lord, that it has something to do with the nightly zombie raids on the burgomeister’s estate. Whatever the reason, the lad had pressing business in Vallaki. My associates assured me, however, that he returned alone…”

“…and word of young Sylas’ comings and goings continued to reach me over the course of the next three days. It seems he was a busy lad, spending many hours with the low nobles of Vallaki, most notably the Blinski, Martikov, Vallakovich, and Wachter families at their respective estates. Something is amiss, my lord, and I will learn of…”


“…young Sylas looked haggard as he stumbled into the Blood of the Vine tavern. My associate informed me that Ismark was drunk before he even arrived. It seems that the Dragov family is about to suffer a most grievous loss…”


The Family Affair and Ghoulish Intentions

“…the burgomeister is paralyzed with fear, as my lord intended, and the eldest son is drowning himself in drink. The middle son is near death and the youngest son is still an untested whelp. Very soon, my lord, you will have achieved your heart’s desire and the devotion of young Ireena Dragov. The Dragovs are a dying family, my lord, and their days are certainly numbered… The ghoul and his zombies visited them that very night…”


The Lord’s Chamberlain and a Death Cult A-shambles

“…the spirits of the Madrigore death cult forced a confrontation between the orphans and that horror of vegetation called Zorgoroth. The Madrigore child summoned allies from beyond the mists to aid them and even the burgomeister’s boy appeared to aid in their time of need. With their combined might, it seems they destroyed the foul thing and suspended the curse! I was suspicious, my lord, and spoke to the halfer in the hopes that I was right. And I was! She somehow drew my lord’s curse from the very foundations and into her person. I looked into her very eyes and recognized that terrible power…”



“…I remain, as ever, your humblest of servants,


Adventure: Little Barov pt 1
Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

The Black Carriage and the Dark Lord’s Chamberlain

“My lord and master…"


“…recognition when the chamberlain arrived. The dusk elf cut a striking figure with his dashing coat and fey-borne musculature. I’m sure the Black Coach helped. Ahem. My lord knows how I feel about this particular person so I won’t trouble with more details of his behavior, but I beg, watch Rahadin closely and let the one thousand screaming souls about him give clearer warning than I seem to…”


Worried Trackers, Lost Children, and the Greenteeth Pastries

“…marauding beasts in the countryside and the villagers are growing ever more defeated in spirit. Their souls wither with each death and soon they will be ripe for the reaping. It was wise of my lord to focus upon the children, first…”

“…road east of the village, they happened across Genny Greenteeth. This chance meeting could prove troublesome. She has uncovered more than a few of our secrets and she hasn’t been shy about using them to her advantage these past years. I seek my lord’s permission to burn her disgusting hovel—and all the fey enchantments it contains—to the ground and drown her in the Ivlis…”



A Manor in Mourning, Street Flowers, and Rodrigo Acquires an Ally


“…arrived at the home of the burgomeister. The middle brother is near death though another night with his wounds should carry him the rest of the way. As predicted, the burgomeister’s heart has grown weak and his hair has is completely white. Soon, he too, will be dead and that leaves only Ismark and young Sylas to remove. Soon, my lord, the lovely Ireena Kolyana Dragov will have no choice but to graciously accept your hand…”



“…the Sithican bears watching. My lord will remember that I described him as having the practical nature of the Mordentish and the passion of the Invidian. His wretched race cannot be wholly defeated if one such as he remains defiant to my lord’s edicts. All know that my lord is the law and the land and yet that Rodrigo Franco-Foxgrove has the gall to conduct the Beasting ritual, and one of your wonderful creatures now does his bidding. A raven, skull-white and red of eye…”


“…presuming I have made my position regarding these matters of race rather plain, I will return my lord’s attention, again, to his wretched chamberlain. The Black Coach arrived the morning following the death of the middle brother. Rahadin offered flowers and condolences, both refused of course, and returned to the castle by way of Tser Falls. Now what business, I ask, could he have with the Vistani or their encampment? There is no love lost between Madame Eva and my lord despite the truce but I sense there is treachery afoot and the chamberlain has got his disgusting ear to it. I implore, again, allow me to rid the castle of his presence and perhaps find a suitable replacement from among the brotherhood…”

Abandoned Homes, Squatting Zombies, and the Ba’al Verzi Presence



“…they are up to something. There was purpose to the outing, and I noticed that they only paid attention to the abandoned buildings. My lord surely knows that zombies and the odd ghoul have taken to squatting in the village. Odd behavior, to be sure, but I know not what is to be made of it. The orphans found their way northside and came across one of my brothers during the course of a recruitment. They found his dagger lodged in the frame of the door and promptly left…”


“…Your humblest servant,


Adventure: Little Barov pt 2
Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

“My lord and master…"

A Crushing Swarm, Reconnaissance in Retreat, and an Infestation of the Restless Dead


“…no small amusement as I witnessed the white raven—my lord, you say they call it Lucifer? My intelligence does not include this. Hmmm. Perhaps my lord has more than one among the brotherhood watching the orphans? Are they so important? No, my lord, jealousy is a petty emotion and only weakens the cause. As I was saying, the bird ceased its circling the moment the swarm erupted from the Dying Tower and filled the sky over the village.…”


“…from my position I witnessed the recruit approach Dorovar from behind and wet his blade for the first time. It was a clean, singular thrust and worthy of our order. I am certain the young man bled out in seconds. The Ba’al Verzi will be feared and the king will be found…”


“…it was a solid raid and a good test of their capabilities. I am learning much of their strengths and limitations, their habits and proclivities, their flaws. I have learned, for instance, that the orphans have a tendency to spread themselves thin when confronted, the Invidian craves sweet-meats, and the man from Claveria is likely homicidal. These things and more will work to our advantage as the brotherhood aids my lord in the next steps of his plan …”

Training Day and a Father’s Plea


“…as previously reported. The recruit requires awareness training so perhaps I may be so bold as to suggest that my lord assign him to Olaf? It seems the masked dancer followed him, unseen, to your position at the rear of the manor house. Oh, you were aware of this? Of course you were, my lord. Alas, the recruit is being flogged for his error, regardless…”


“…punished for the nasty things he said to my lord? The Burgomeister must be made an example of! Yes? No. No. Yes. No. I see. Well, if my lord requires this of me then of course I will obey. Does my lord still desire the elimination of Ismark and Sylas Dragov? The elder will be a simple task, drunkard that he is, but the younger man has grown ever more cautious and is proving difficult for my associates to…”

“…Your most loyal and humble of servants,


Adventure: The Road to Vallaki pt 1
Agents of Strahd do reconnaissance.

A spy reports what he has learned back to his dread lord.

A Dynasty in Retreat

“My lord and master…”


Circling the Wagon, a Crow Cage Rattler, and the Dark Deeds of Druids

“…the old fool believed the lot of them caught while the others simply waited for the sounds of combat to cease, one way or the other…”


“…corrupting magicks filled the air in the form of lashing vines, skittering blights, and the all-concealing fog. The elf and the lunatic chased after as the druid slipped into his foul bolt hole to escape…”



“…was surprised to find the Martikov boy so far from home and even more so to discover him in the company of my lord’s own enemies. I believe Urwin had twin boys though I only noted the one here. It seems the other is missing. Perhaps my lord’s werewolf companions could use a bit of exercise in the high passes above the Falls? The lost raven would prove valuable leverage should he be found…”

Breaking the Dawn

“…I’ve never before witnessed such a beautiful display of controlled rage and calculated fury—excepting your own, my lord! That most excellent – and deadly! – young merchant ranger maintained his perfect distance while arrow after arrow found its mark. I recognized the revenant as one from the silvered serpent brotherhood. It is my understanding that my lord has been seeking this band of undead fools for many years, no? Together, these two battled their way up the incline to the bridge above Tser Falls where his most excellent bras d’argent emptied his quarrel to the last, finally dropping his twice-dead foe to the ground as the day broke over the valley! It was quite spectacular…”


“…Your most loyal and humble of servants,


Adventure: The Old Bonegrinder

A field agent reports what he has learned back to his dread king.

A Game of You

“…Who are you? Have you nothing to call your own that wasn’t gifted, granted, foisted, or forced upon you? Clear your mind, little one. No? Then let there be pain…”


“My king…”

A Hellish Kitchen, a Shrewed Haggle, and the Black Duke.

“…and there I was, trussed up like you would a boar to bleed out into a bowl. I watched the hags drag screaming children from their cages in the room above to the oven on the base floor. The smell was terrible…”


“…as ordered, my king, but there were two hags and the third, Genny Greenteeth, was not to be seen. At one point I heard the tall one screaming that they’d been betrayed by Greenteeth and that the nighthag had found some way to curry favor with either you or the Jackal. They seemed startled when the Orphans arrived. As though they were expecting SOMEone…just not THEM…”


“…then the Orphans turned upon one another even as the Black Duke and his abyssal kin prepared their assault. It’s my thought that the hags sought to hand me over to Strahd Von Zarovich but the Black Duke intervened…”

“…Ever loyal, ever yours to command, ever the Ebon Fold,


Adventure: The Old Bonegrinder pt 2

A field agent reports what he has learned back to his dread king.

“My king…”

Windmill Asunder, a Whistling Fiend, and Familiar Faces
“…the Howling Mother arrived with her pack. They tore into the demons as they made to close around the Black Duke who was still clinging to the side of the structure, howling into the windmill. I could see the dreaded chamberlain waiting, watching, in the tree line. No, my king, he did not see me. My training…”
“…the Whistler arrived. My king, I remained hidden in a nearby tree and watched that whistling horror pierce the Black Duke with a scorpion’s barb and proceed to beat him against the mill as an otter would a light stone! The Orphans fled out the back window, killing Morgantha soon after…”
“…appears that the Howling Mother has taken one of the Orphans into her pack. Mosomar, I’m sure his name was. Funny, isn’t it? That the dancing bard stormed north hellbent on killing werewolves only to join their ranks? I wonder what it was she promised to make him cast aside his vengeance…”

“…Ever loyal, ever yours to command, ever the Ebon Fold,



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