…long live the king.


760 Barovian Calendar

“I will tell you all about the children of L-House but first I must speak of recent events. You see, to understand what happened at L-House, you must know why it was permitted to have been built in the first place. I know that it’s difficult for you to understand but times were different then. The peoples needs were different. Twenty five years had passed since the events surrounding the Great Upheaval wherein the land tore itself to ragged pieces then reassembled revealing an eastern seaboard where before there was no sea and a great central chasm of broiling shadows where before there was no chasm. Rivers rerouted, mountains shifted creating new ranges, and the protective mists that ring our kingdom swallowed the rest and spat out still more.

Carefully taxed regions were displaced entirely with generations of inherited wealth scattered and the nobility spat out as one: Oh, where is my King?

Trade routes by land were destroyed, aquatic shipping lanes consumed, and the merchantmen cried out as one: Oh, where is my King?

Crops were made vulnerable to starveling thieves, the roads became a country owned by criminals, and the lowborn wailed as one: Oh, where is my King?

We were an anthill thrice kicked.

In the shadow of our absent King, the Holy See emerged to lead the people of Darkon and to care for her terrified men, women, and children as best she could. Abbeys were constructed in every domain to create a line of communication throughout the kingdom wherein the ubiquity of church colors presented a welcome stability in a kingdom that was proving to be anything but. Orphanages were created and given over to wealthy patrons to run under the careful guidance of church representatives.

And now we finally come to the subject at hand: the children of L-house. The one hundred and thirty seven children asleep in their beds; beds provided by the Levkarest Home for Abandoned Children by the Governess and her church stewards.

One hundred and thirty seven.

That’s how many lives were broken by the horror at L-House. There is still a great need for beds in these uncertain times following the Great Upheaval. Children continue to be torn from their families by desperate highwaymen, opportunistic nobility, and the numerous acts of God in his many complicated guises.

As children, these one hundred and thirty seven could do nothing but endure and hope that they lived long enough to grow strong and begin to fend for themselves.

As adults…well, now that’s a different matter entirely…”

Brother Ionescoe
Keeper of Antiquities at Scroll House in Levkarest, Borca

Ravenloft: The King is Dead...

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