Rodrigo Foxgrove-Franco



First handout
Illegal gunpowder weapons are appearing in the city of Kantora (Nova Vaasa) and no one knows quite how. George Weathermay, your beloved godfather, is in pursuit of this intelligence but has not been heard from in some time. His last missive came from the Von Zarovich controlled region of Barovia. The letter mentioned his stay at the Blue Water Inn, a local watering hole in the small town of Vallaki (Barovia).

Gustav Madrigore, a low noble and vocal supporter of the crown, keeps his estate near the village of Barovia. Amber and Laurie Foxgrove-Weathermay have long suspected the low noble of diablerie but have never been able to confirm their suspicions. They’ve made mention of a foul tome of eldritch summonings that diablerists are known to keep. You have seen certain writings in the black scripts of the Tanar’ri-kin, Ba’atezu-kin, and Yu’goloth-kin and feel that you would recognize one such tome if you were to see it.
You experience a recurring dream in which you stand upon an ocean of ice, immobilized by fear, as a massive and tentacled creature probes the ice from beneath your feet. Some nights, you manage to scramble to the safety of the farther shore while on other nights, great tentacles smash through the ice, wrap their crushing grip about your body, and drag you under.

Rodrigo Foxgrove-Franco

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